Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cooking from VWAV

My family had dinner together last night after getting back from my sister's graduation. I would have liked to make something a little more extravagant, but I wanted to have something ready since we would be arriving home sort of late and very hungry. I followed the recipe for Orrechiete with Cherry Tomatoes and Kalamata Tapenade from Vegan With a Vengeance and served it as a cold pasta salad, substituting in whole wheat fusilli. The saltiness of the olives went really nicely with the sweetness of the grape tomatoes and sauteed red onion. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially Sam, who had seconds and thirds. I always like when people take seconds of my food. I also threw together a really simple salad of red leaf lettuce and shredded carrots, dressing it with a red wine vinaigrette to sort of echo the red wine vinegar used in the tapenade.

I made a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies, also from Vegan With a Vengeance. While the recipe was for giant cookies made from a 1/3 cup scoop of batter, I opted to make smaller cookies instead, and ended up with about a million of them. The cookies were delicious though, with the outside being crispy and the insides chewy and a little bit dense from the oatmeal. Remembering an episode of Good Eats, I believe the combination of crispness and chewiness came from using both granulated and brown sugar. If you have VWAV and haven't made these cookies, they, like most of the other recipes in the book, are certainly worth making.


Celine said...

oh these cookies are my absolute favorite PB cookies!!! I make them big because I'm an ogre like that. I think I'm missing the gene that says "thouh shalt bake small cookies in order to not gain weight". ;p

marygrace said...

i thought the oats in these cookies were a nice change, though my favorite peanut butter cookies come from the recipe on the back of the jif pb jar (veganized, of course......), sometimes with some chocolate chips thrown in. i am partial to the more crunchy, almost crumbly texture of traditional peanut butter cookies, and i think the oatmeal took away from that a little bit.

Vegan Doc said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I really like that recipe that you posted for shells with edamame. It looks easy and tasty!

marygrace said...

vegan doc-
thanks! i always enjoy reading your blog, as the focus on fitness instead of food is a nice change among the many vegan blogs out there. i too am a runner, though i have yet to enter any races!